Error Logging

Errors and failures may occur during development and operation of a website. In this article, we will adopt a simple mechanism to log errors and exceptions in our website. Visit Now!!

Error Logging Modules

ELMAH is an open source project whose purpose is to log and report unhandled exceptions in ASP.NET web applications. Since its first public release back in 2004 as a sample to the MSDN article Visit Now!!

Error w/New EventSource

By default, the user token of the ASP.NET worker process is ASPNET. The problem in the “Symptoms” section occurs because your account does not have the correct user rights to create an event source. Visit;en-us;329291 Now!!

Errors with Default ASPNET Acc

After you install Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or the Microsoft .NET Framework on a domain controller or on a backup domain controller, if you try to run an ASP.NET application, the browser displays the following error message Visit;en-us;q315158 Now!!