Intesar Inc.

Intesar Inc. is a full-service internet provider, offering services in web hosting, development, design, security, maintenance and ecommerce. We specialize in ASP, Access, SQL Server, SQL/TSQL, COM, DHTML, Scripting and XML/XSL. Visit Now!!

Intro into C# Interfaces Pt.1

An Interface in C# is provided as a replacement for multiple inheritances. That is because C# doesn’t support the functionality of multiple inheritances, it became necessary to incorporate some other means so that a class can inherit etc.. Visit Continue reading Intro into C# Interfaces Pt.1

Intro into C# Interfaces Pt.2

In our previous article of this series we learned about Multiple Inheritance and how we can utilize interfaces to solve the issue of C# not allowing for multiple inheritances. We also created two interfaces Visit Now!!

Internet Information Services

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 is a powerful Web server, available in all versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, which provides a highly reliable, manageable, scalable, and secure Web application infrastructure. Visit Now!!