What’s new in Android development tools – Google I/O 2016

In this session we will provide an in depth tour of the Android development tools and take a closer look at everything new – along with tips and tricks for getting … source

Introduction to AppPresser – Brian Messenlehner

Brian Messenlehner – Introduction to AppPresser at WordPress NYC Meetup at Alley NYC on May 20 2014. Many people associate WordPress with being just a … source

WEBINAR: From Development to Deployment with Docker and Aerospike

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Google Public Sector Developer Series App Engine

Google Apps Script is of high interest to developers because it provides them a platform to bring their great ideas to life and enhance the user experience! source

Nakid CMS – A Barebones Content Management System

Nakid CMS (http://nakid.org) is an open source content management system built using the PHP scripting language using the CodeIgniter framework. The goal … source

Android Developer Story: Video editing app WeVideo increases user engagement with material design

WeVideo is a video editing platform first launched for Android, and since the latest update to the app, revenue on the platform has doubled every two months. source

Think Different Responsive Design for DotNetNuke Web Content management System

Web Content delivery today is not so easy as Typical user may have a netbook, a laptop, a 27″ iMac, a 50 inch widescreen TV that may also act as a browser … source