Bootstrap 4 Udemy Course Preview & Coupon

In this video I will go over my new Bootstrap 4 course which has 10.5 hours of content and 5 real world projects including beautiful themes and UIs.


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26 Replies to “Bootstrap 4 Udemy Course Preview & Coupon”

  1. Just saw this new video of Brad and buy the course immediately. I've been learning a lot from him since I started learning web programming. Time to take his course seriously coz I believe he can deliver what i wanted to learn.

  2. Hey Brad, i have never paid for a course online because i rely so much on your youtube videos, but i am definitely paying for this, . I just want to say thank you very much, you making coding easy and fun!

  3. Just right timing Brad, yestarday I started looking to move from bootstrap 3 to 4, i'm buying it right now, I also bought the Angular 4 one, will start it after this one keep on with the amazing work!

  4. Hey Brad, I saw your video on couchdb. I would like to make a full web application with couchdb someday. Could you please make a video like you did with the MEAN stack except with couchdb? Love your videos, thanks.

  5. I just love your videos Brad. Best voice on YT 🙂 You already provided so many free amazing videos so definitely you deserve for some extra bucks! This course of course I've bought.

  6. how are these udemy this different from the online courses you made for the company you worked for? seems like the same content being recorded again, please correct me if I'm wrong

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