Basic Parallax Website With HTML & CSS

In this video we will be building a very basic implementation of a parallax website with fixed scrolling using HTML and CSS. We will make it so that we can scroll …


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25 Replies to “Basic Parallax Website With HTML & CSS”

  1. Hello Brad, this may sound off topic but when applying for a Front-End/Javascript job, is there a way to get around HR since I don't have a degree. Due to multitude of resources, especially your videos, have helped me gain a lot of knowledge. I believe I am at that point where I can start applying for jobs.
    Also does HR really care about degree or portfolio should be enough?
    Thank you so much for your work.

  2. Brad,
    Thanks for another great 'how to' video. Please keep 'em coming. Learning how to code at…60 ! Had to make a career change into something less physical. It's certainly not easy, I've been playing with computers since Radio Shack put out it's model 3. I'm currently enrolled in a bootcamp as well. Your videos have been very helpful. You're better than some of the mentors I've had. Good job!

  3. Ok it's not teeeechnically parallax, but as always, excellent, useful and easy to follow code tutorial. Maybe followup later with an actual parallax? I'd love to watch that 🙂

  4. can you do a simple tutorial on a weather app website where you type the city name and it show the weather in that city without opening a new page. there is other tutorials out there that do the same but they are honestly eye aids.

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