Awesome Website Development with NetBeans IDE

Learn about free and open source tools provided by the NetBeans team, in particular the Chrome plugin for NetBeans and the HTML development tools in …


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11 Replies to “Awesome Website Development with NetBeans IDE”

  1. I've been using Netbeans for a while for HTML 5 projects but did not know about a lot of these capabilities that you demoed.  Thanks!  I'm switching this semester to using Netbeans as the primary IDE for my Web development courses.  We have been using Dreamweaver which is a great tool but many of my students can not afford to purchase it for their personal computers.  

    The only problem I have had with NBs is I do work with Old Norse hypertexts and use an ISO 8859-1 encoding for the Norse characters.  Netbeans scrambled all the Old Norse characters when it changed the encoding so I have not been able to figure out how to use it in this work.  The Norse texts are in XML and are translated into various HTML5 apps with XSLT transforms.   

  2. Why doesn't this work without opening a project? What if I want to simply open an individual HTML or PHP file and work on it? Why does Netbeans force the use of its project mechanism on users???

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