Angular 2 Forms | Kara Erickson

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  1. why you added the passwordMatcher method outside the component class not inside the component class any good practice ?

  2. Julien TeyteauJulien Teyteau03-20-2017

    Once you notice the vocal fry, you can't un-notice it. Great speech though ! I'm impressed by how she flawlessly live-codes the demo.

  3. Jin WYPJin WYP03-20-2017

    Awesome Speech!!

  4. yourealeyoureale03-20-2017

    Great presentation. She deserves respect.

  5. Ken AguilarKen Aguilar03-20-2017

    This developer does her live coding so flawessly! Sorcery! lol

  6. omg, so many lines of code for one simple form 🙁
    Hello WEB in 2016… tones of JS files, 100500 lines of code in IDE aaaaaaaand…. You get a FORM with validation. WOW!!!

  7. Anuj VictorAnuj Victor03-20-2017

    she's cute and intelligent as well.. rare species 😉

  8. Am I the only one that's struggling with the 'ctrls' hotkey (at 5:40)? It doesn't work for me and I don't know why..

  9. Nikhil ShahNikhil Shah03-20-2017

    Great explanation on FormsModule vs ReactiveFormsModule. You actually made it easy to understand them properly. Thanks a ton. Typing speed is awesome no words for that.

  10. Kara, How can you use on the Reactive-forms not a switch but a checkbox that submit the form data, like in a todo list ? Can I transform the Switchbox to listen to that data onChange?

  11. Kallol RoyKallol Roy03-20-2017

    hi sweaty . can you upload the code ?

  12. Adeeb AhmedAdeeb Ahmed03-20-2017

    does anyone has the GitHub link for the project presented in demo?
    Thank you…

  13. I'm in lovee

  14. Chris DevineChris Devine03-20-2017

    At about 6.10, you do some wizardry and edit multiple lines at once. Can you tell me the keyboard shortcut for this? it

  15. what form module should we use?

  16. Nivesh SinghNivesh Singh03-20-2017

    love it 😛 😀

  17. gideon17yougideon17you03-20-2017

    The presentation is fine. However, she talks too fast!

  18. holy, she's awesome.

  19. Nice Explanation,

    Is it possible to create nested form using template driven concept?

  20. Edgar QuinteroEdgar Quintero03-20-2017

    I'd like a girlfriend like her for Christmas.

  21. salasiaprosalasiapro03-20-2017

    Much appreciated Kara. Keep it up.

  22. Muhammad KashifMuhammad Kashif03-20-2017

    Which editor is this ?

  23. burberryboayburberryboay03-20-2017

    how did she scaffold the child controls 😮 this ctrl magic thing, where can I get it? I need it

  24. Hasrat SabitHasrat Sabit03-20-2017

    In compare to men, there is not a lot of women developers. But when there is one, she beats every man in the developing world. Great job Kara!

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