Android WiFi Home Automation by Sooxma Technologies (Rs.7000/-)

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  1. Vijay ThangavelVijay Thangavel03-20-2017

    Nice project…

  2. Can u help me in interfacing lights with iphone

  3. Mukesh AshtekarMukesh Ashtekar03-20-2017

    Wonderfull Yaaaar …..
    Ca you help me about this … How it works .. If you have any small documentation please send me !!

  4. crickfanjancrickfanjan03-20-2017

    pls can you help me with the circuit diagram and the android app coding..
    thank you!
    would be of great help..

  5. Milind VaidyaMilind Vaidya03-20-2017

    can I have circuit diagram and program sir…i want to go for similar project

  6. christian okpakochristian okpako03-20-2017

    pls can you help me with the circuit diagram and the android app coding..

    thank you!

  7. ArjunArjun03-20-2017

    sir pls send me the circuit diagram and the coding……………….

  8. aprilludgateaprilludgate03-20-2017

    can you connect it to internet and control it over internet

  9. Sooxma PrabhakarSooxma Prabhakar03-20-2017

    Yes. Possible using "Static IP" OR "Port forwarding"

  10. sir, pls send me the codings and circuit diagram . ………

  11. Tushar PatilTushar Patil03-20-2017

    I like your project pls send me full information & circuit diagram

  12. Manmohan SinghManmohan Singh03-20-2017

    sir, my project name is acsses power contralled by android blutooth so can u plz help me?
    plz send me circuit diagram and other information ,plzzz

  13. Ravi Teja VupasiRavi Teja Vupasi03-20-2017

    extend it to entire home automation that support the house load, trip mechanism and load management with an appealing UI. Thats what makes you stand out from the crowd.

  14. Aaron SinghAaron Singh03-20-2017

    i want to have something like this in my room.. to control a few switches.. i want to know how much it will cost me.. and how can u transport it to the city of ludhiana

  15. Sooxma PrabhakarSooxma Prabhakar03-20-2017

    Please send your request to

  16. Ankit SinghAnkit Singh03-20-2017

    sir please send me all information like circuit diagram and its description

  17. Vishal RevdiwalaVishal Revdiwala03-20-2017

    Can u tell me which microcontroller u have used??


    My doubt regarding this project is, do we need to use a WiFi module with every appliance or device in the network? I mean if more then one controllers are used what would be the case then?

  19. TJ-KING ThousuTJ-KING Thousu03-20-2017

    nice project …………….

    may i know how much it will cost ??????

  20. lcrstaglcrstag03-20-2017

    Its Geat!!!!!
    how is the programming over androd… APP???

  21. H AlQahtaniH AlQahtani03-20-2017

    Can you help me.
    I send email to you.
    thanks again

  22. Saurabh SharmaSaurabh Sharma03-20-2017

    can this thing be made from ATMEL AT89S51? I am trying to control via bluetooth. Please help.

  23. Bartos AlinBartos Alin03-20-2017

    Hello, why you used dhcp, no static ip? Its working just from local network? How you made the graphical interface, ? is very nice, In How many clients can be conected ? Nice project, Thanks

  24. Vibhanshu JainVibhanshu Jain03-20-2017

    good work sir…

  25. Maneesha GManeesha G03-20-2017

    is that application possibe with the basic mobile which is not android …
    if it is not possible let me konw why it was not possible ..

  26. Sankalp KumarSankalp Kumar03-20-2017

    Very nice project. Great job.

  27. Tasvir MahmoodTasvir Mahmood03-20-2017

    are you able to control more than 4 appliances ??? Please reply

  28. bhatti prashantbhatti prashant03-20-2017

    I have seen it and sir its an awesome project

  29. Enggr SujadEnggr Sujad03-20-2017

    Hi Sooxma I am Embedded Engineer working on same project i have done all this using wifi and PC . I dont know android could you help me in building the Android app ?

  30. Zainub BaharZainub Bahar03-20-2017

    Hello, where is the Wifi router placed? and how did you connect it to the phone? using wifi direct? or what?

  31. John AndersenJohn Andersen03-20-2017

    Excellent project and video. Its been some years since posted, but I was wondering if a light or load on a socket was disconnected, would the app show that new status ?

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