I have several flexible “for-fee” and “free” advertising venues at * that include:

[   ] Ad space in my column and footer locations. I can offer run-of-site ads, as well as a rotation ad, in the form of images, or text links. Specific ad dimension requirements apply.

[   ] Reviews or write-ups about your company or organization, that are posted to’s blog/directory. All resource postings on the * web site immediately appear in front of my social media network, which includes:

  • ~50k Twitter followers
  • 9k+ Facebook Page “Likers”
  • 3.5k+ LinkedIn followers

Additionally, they are posted immediately to my Blogger, Delicious, Tumblr, and Diigo presence. My follower and connection counts are growing every day.

[   ] Job postings for recruiting firms, “headhunters”, and organic HR departments. They are announced to my same audience as specified above.

[   ] Sponsor any posted resource on the site. One, several, or all that reference their organization or business. Here is an example: 

[   ] Your organization’s RSS can be added to my hourly feed job for a monthly fee of $25.00 – subject to a content and categorical review.

[   ] Create a free listing for your company here –

My intent is to create such a resource engine for web developers, webmasters, and decision-makers, that this could indeed be your most worthwhile investment decision yet!

It’s great to see your interest in advertising with Codango.Com – contact me


* presently has by far the largest social media reach; be advised that my other brands’ reach is growing by the day. Stay tuned!