Adam Kalsey’s Button Maker

It is an awesome yet simple tool. I’ve used it many times myself.

Call it a badge, sticker, button, or whatever you’d like. Create yours! You can customize the various attributes about the button, such as colors, text, width, etc.

Like the button maker? Donate to a local children’s charity or Child Welfare League of America in memory of Bill Zeller, who helped create it.


The button maker is provided by Adam Kalsey. To use the button you create on your site, just right click the image and choose “Save image as…” or a similarly-named option from your browser. Check with your blogging provider for information on how to upload the image to your site after you save it.

If you enjoy this, you might like the blog.

Like the Button Maker’s font? It’s the excellent (and free) Silkscreen from Jason Kottke.


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