A Couple Ways of Replacing Text in a File

Replacing text in a file can be complicated if done manually. There is no single command that will allow the search and replacement of the text you want to replace. Some experience in text editing might come in handy. Depending on your needs, it is possible to replace text in a single file or within batches of files. You can also choose to simply replace a word or an entire phrase within the text document. When working with a single .txt file for a text replace, you can use a simple script to convert the text you want replaced into a variable and from there proceed to search and replace the text using the variable. Replacing text in a file involves a lot of steps and a few trial and errors to achieve the desired result. Be patient with it.

Start by opening a new text file and transform the text into a variable format. You will need to create two constants, one for writing and the other for reading, in order to access it through a File System Object request and change it via the Open Text File method. The two constants are needed because you will not be able to run both operations at the same time due to the default of the program. There really is no way around it.

First open the variable for reading. The next thing is to copy it into a variable strText format and from there proceed to use the   VBScript  Replace command to change the text you want to replace with the new text. After that is done you will need to close it, immediately open the variable for writing and copy the strText you just edited onto it. Close it and open the file for reading. You will see the changes that you made. It might take you more than one adjustment in order to achieve the result you want.

There is also a version of this method that could be used on the command line. A few adjustments to the simple script turning the variables into arguments on the command line would also produce a similar result. For more visual instructions, there are many samples of these text replace methods available online. Forums are also great sources for pointers, examples, and to address specific text replacement needs.

Most importantly, don’t forget to save the revised file once you’ve done the necessary text replacements.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to bother doing the text replace manually there is an easier option you can use. The much simpler way to text replace in files is to use one of the many downloadable programs available online. These programs can be quite specific in the replacements they can perform so choose well. Once you find the program for you, you simply have to download the program, follow the prompts, and it will run the text replace for you. Replacing text in a file would be a little less tedious with pre-programmed software specifically made to more conveniently replace text for you.

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