5 Important Tips for PC Building

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This guy tried to build a PC without reading all the tips first – You won’t BELIEVE what happens next! #3 is my favorite. Did that get you to click the video? Oh, you …


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  1. Siddharth DixitSiddharth Dixit05-19-2017

    so while building we should keep our parts on the static mat? is it?

  2. Silas PrinsSilas Prins05-19-2017

    i bruised my arm!

  3. KingChickenKingChicken05-19-2017

    I feel like linus actually had screws stuck in hes nose

  4. Dr AxtonDr Axton05-19-2017

    I am still grounded after watching this video. Can I please stop doing and go outside?

  5. Beanie NotthehatBeanie Notthehat05-19-2017

    this guy is more awkward than a litle. still…thanks for just the tips!

  6. Sakmfkr GamingSakmfkr Gaming05-19-2017

    I love your channel. Also this helps me cause I'm gonna be building my first PC very soon

  7. TealTeal05-19-2017

    I took apart my mom's PC and put it back together (for sport) with a non-magnetic tip screw driver and there was ONE MOTHERF**** screw that wouldn't go into the MOTHERF**** motherboard. I ended up turning the case upside down so it would fall out of it, and that screw is still on my desk.

  8. stures gamingstures gaming05-19-2017

    Linus forgot to tell you you ned to put in the cpu

  9. Im BoredIm Bored05-19-2017

    Instructions not clear got my anus full of paste.

  10. Jack johnsonJack johnson05-19-2017

    So im new to the whole PC thing, I've been with playstation my whole life + ( i never really had a PC i just use my friends laptop if i wanna get some stuff done for college assignments and such )

    But i finally decided to get my own PC which will be mainly for gaming, here's what i wanna pick up after I've done some research, i really wanna future proof as much as i can so ik that some of you might see this build as an overkill especially for a noob such as myself but I've been saving for a while to get a PC might as well go all out right? still I'd really appreciate your inputs guys:


  11. not brozohnot brozoh05-19-2017

    If you don't have a magnetic screw driver, get a small fridge magnet and rub it all over the screw driver, and then repeat 3 or 4 times. After that it should be slightly magnetic

  12. Creeper1764 MainCreeper1764 Main05-19-2017

    I use liquid state drives, not solid. is this a problem?

  13. HopparHoppar05-19-2017

    hmmm I build mine on my bed, whilst petting my long haired cat…. No bang, all good

  14. B. JacaB. Jaca05-19-2017

    You want to know how depressive I am?
    I tried to search "do I need ssd" but misstyped and wrote "do I need sad"…

  15. NorthwindNorthwind05-19-2017

    Instructions not clear, got my case fans stuck in the ceiling fan. I'm not sure what I have done nor if I will survive this.

  16. MoNsTeRcat blackMoNsTeRcat black05-19-2017

    I need more then just the tips

  17. Albert EdisonAlbert Edison05-19-2017

    super cringy

  18. Fear_AmericaFear_America05-19-2017

    Instructions not clear, ram is stuck in harddrive

  19. Austin KoppAustin Kopp05-19-2017

    It's like Linus is on every tech channel ever.

  20. RedWingsMilsimRedWingsMilsim05-19-2017

    Do you have to ground yourself if you are on wood flooring?

  21. Andrew PlayzAndrew Playz05-19-2017

    he bruised his arm

  22. Anton AndrenAnton Andren05-19-2017

    5:01 Sausage Party reference

  23. Ace FoursAce Fours05-19-2017

    Instructions unclear, penis stuck in Ethernet I/O shield

  24. Neil BertramNeil Bertram05-19-2017

    Good stuff. I'm sure many people apply way too much thermal paste. And I liked the confirmation that you can use a spare power supply, plugged in and turned off, to ground yourself.

  25. Unknown PersonUnknown Person05-19-2017

    Just the tips you say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. I find that blue tack holds on screw. to the screw driver, just great to insert the screw into them hard spots , and to left out too

  27. Max FuryMax Fury05-19-2017

    when linus cries, the world cries with him
    when linus laughs, the world laughs with him

  28. IMDarkh0rs3IMDarkh0rs305-19-2017

    I heard you connect the esd wrist band to something that plugs into the wall. I also heard the opposite.

  29. codybrokencodybroken05-19-2017

    "Is that really what we're calling it? Wow." LOL!

  30. I punched my parents and grounded myself

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