5 Important Tips for PC Building

This guy tried to build a PC without reading all the tips first – You won’t BELIEVE what happens next! #3 is my favorite. Did that get you to click the video? Oh, you …


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  1. I took apart my mom's PC and put it back together (for sport) with a non-magnetic tip screw driver and there was ONE MOTHERF**** screw that wouldn't go into the MOTHERF**** motherboard. I ended up turning the case upside down so it would fall out of it, and that screw is still on my desk.

  2. So im new to the whole PC thing, I've been with playstation my whole life + ( i never really had a PC i just use my friends laptop if i wanna get some stuff done for college assignments and such )

    But i finally decided to get my own PC which will be mainly for gaming, here's what i wanna pick up after I've done some research, i really wanna future proof as much as i can so ik that some of you might see this build as an overkill especially for a noob such as myself but I've been saving for a while to get a PC might as well go all out right? still I'd really appreciate your inputs guys:


  3. If you don't have a magnetic screw driver, get a small fridge magnet and rub it all over the screw driver, and then repeat 3 or 4 times. After that it should be slightly magnetic

  4. Good stuff. I'm sure many people apply way too much thermal paste. And I liked the confirmation that you can use a spare power supply, plugged in and turned off, to ground yourself.

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