13 Reasons My Startup FAILED

Everyone knows the story: armed with nothing more than a laptop and a dream, a couple of plucky geeks decide to take on the world: disrupting, innovating, and …


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25 Replies to “13 Reasons My Startup FAILED”

  1. You could rephrase those 13 points and it would be someone else's reasons for success!

    For example, going to market without validation first is a reason for failure but this also reminds my of Henry Ford's famous saying and I am re-phrasing here " If I had asked the people for what they wanted they would say faster horses!"

    What I'm trying to say here is that I really don't know what someone could take out from such talks other than "cool, I will keep that in mind!" . That is not to say that I don't enjoy the insight.

  2. Why does everyone want to get rich on their "startup"? If they had treated this is as side-project, $12K/m is very good beer money and would only take a couple hours a day of upkeep, after the initial programming. If it requires full work hours, than you haven't programmed it correctly. They could've offered current customers perks like a free month for signing up another tradesman thus getting a new customer.

  3. I'm surprised the comments so far didn't talk more about his honesty and humility. The reason we don't see more great talks like this on lessons learned is because most of us lack this kind of self-honest and humility. We don't want to admit these things to ourselves, much less everyone else. Very well done presentation.

  4. 13 Mistakes:

    1. Validate, then build (4:22)
    2. If you cant't sell it, it's not a business (5:55)
    3. Humans gonna human (8:23)
    4. Beware favourable patterns (11:14)
    5. Do the math (12:27)
    6. Pricing is what the customer will pay, not your burn rate (13:26)
    7. Establish your sales channel (14:24)
    8. Sales don't stop when you sell (17:30)
    9. Establish failure criteria (19:58)
    10. You are who you are. Don't deny it (21:26)
    11. Take the hint (23:26)
    12. Quitting is always an option (24:59)
    13. Partnerships require actual partner(25:42)

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