Thanks for visiting Codango.Com! Codango, or Codango.com, – is more than just my blog. It is a collection of resources, links, reviews, articles, and other Internet-based artifacts pertinent to web / database development and related technologies. I find these resources in many different places all over the Internet. I, in turn, share them with you. Resources, such as code snippets, product information, news, new technology papers – you name it. If it has anything to do with web or database development in any form, I am going to share it!

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    *Please know that more often than not, there is no specific reason that I chose that animal over another to represent that programming language. Except in the obvious cases. For example – Python? I just could NOT make that one a woodpecker.


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    I have been involved with web development for years. Not only is it what I do for a living, but it is also my   hobby! I am fortunate that way. So, I  write code and create applications. Sometimes I install other’s applications, and I have a few brands of my own that I promote! I hope that you will put my web site in your bookmarks or favorites, and come back often!